Bellevue College Campus

The way people think, act, and what their material culture is in the Bellevue College campus setting setting:

– Thinking: People could be thinking about the weather while walking outside. They could be thinking about the classes they had or have left for their day. They could also be thinking about what they have going on the rest of their day, or a variety of different topics that vary depending on the person.

– Acting: They are typically acting social with people and friends around campus. They are louder and more expressive of themselves because they are no longer in a classroom.

– Material: Around the campus there are benches, tables, sculptures, stairs, and some artistic pieces.


This is the decorative waterfall in the middle of Bellevue college campus. It adds beauty to the college campus and students enjoy spending time around it.


This photo displays a portion of Bellevue College. You can see that it is a two-story building with many different classrooms and individual buildings.


This is the R building at Bellevue College. The R is just a label for this building; it doesn’t stand for anything specific. As you can see this building has three floors on one half and two floors on the other half. There are also picnic tables and benched outside the building. Students sometimes eat in these areas or they do homework.


This is the lounge area in the C building. It is a excellent place for studens to hang out, meet friends, study, or just enjoy a nice break in-between classes.


This picture shows that smoking is allowed on campus, but it is only allowed in certain areas that are marked.


Both of these images show the access students have to their ATM accounts. Having this access allows students to get cash out of their accounts if needed or check their account balances.



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