The way people think, act, and what their material culture is in the restroom setting:

– Thinking: Possibly thinking about their day while relieving themselves. Also thinking about using the restroom and the expectations society has when you use a public restroom.

– Acting: Going to the bathroom, wiping with toliet paper when done, flushing the toilet, and washing/drying hands before leaving.

-Material: There are stalls with toilets in them in the girls bathroom. In the boys bathroom their are urinals with small wall dividers to gimme you some privacy along with stalls that also have toilets in them. Also when using the restroom men and women most likely will have personal items that may include purses, wallets, and/or backpacks. They must watch these and keep track of them while using the restroom.


IMG_0114          IMG_0119

IMG_0115         IMG_0117

Bathroom is a room in a public building that contains a toilet, and washbowl. This is for personal hygiene and sanitation. Students can use hot and cold water to wash thier hands by using soap. Not only that, but they can groom themselves carefully in front of the mirror. Public toilets are commonly separated by gender into male and female ;also, there is one room which is designated for the handicapped.


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