Cafeteria and Coffee Shop

The way people think, act, and what their material culture is in the Cafeteria and Coffee Shop setting:

– Thinking: Typically when students come to the cafeteria or the coffee shop they are probably thinking about how thirsty or hungry they are. Other people may be thinking they just need a nice place to relax between classes and both the cafeteria and the coffee shop fit that need.

– Acting: People are social in both of these environments. They meet up with friends and start of convos over eating food or drinking coffee. They say hi to people and friends that they pass walking around these areas. They also relax and drink or eat to get a break in between classes.

-Material: The material involved in the coffee shop is napkins, silverware, tables, chairs, coffee cups, pastries, coffee, and different cold bottled beverage. In the Cafeteria there is a variety of different food stations. There is soup and salad, pasta, pizza, corn dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pizza, and packaged sandwiches that you can buy. There are also side items like chips, yogurt, fruit, and more.








This is a cafeteria on campus of Bellevue College. A cafeteria is a restaurant where you choose your food from a counter and take it to your table after paying for it. Cafeterias are usually found in public buildings. Many of school employ thier own students to work in the cafeteria. Along with that, cafeteria provide several different options for student’s lunch, such as beverage, soup, vegetables and snack ,etc. If you recycle things that have already been used, such as soda bottles or lunch box bags, you process them so that they can be used again.


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