The way people think, act, and what their material culture is in the Classroom setting:

– Thinking: Students are thinking about the material that there teacher is telling them. They are also thinking about the notes that they are writing down on their journal.

– Acting: Students in a classroom are quiet, focused forward, and respectfully of the teacher that is in front of them. They do not talk unless they raise their hand. They take notes about what the teacher is saying or has written on the board.

-Material: There is a computer in every classroom so the teacher can project there typed class notes on the board for the students to read, discuss, and take notes on. There is also a desk with a chair for the teacher, along with desk and chairs for every student.




This is a class room of Bellevue College. A classroom is a space in a school where lessons take place. Depending on types of classroom, classroom can accommodate from small group to hundreds of students. If student have any question, they can do that by raising their hand. And then, the instructor answer questions from the students. Most classrooms have a big board to share some ideas with other members of the class, as well as classrooms have computers and LCD projectors for presenting information, and for helping student’s understanding.


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