The way people think, act, and what their material culture is in the restroom setting:

– Thinking: There is a decent amount of thinking behind parking. First there is where do you park, this typically depends on the location of your first class. You also have to consider where parking is available at the time of day that you arrive.

– Acting: Some people are nice when parking while others are mean and aggressive. It is better and more appropriate to be polite and careful when parking.

-Material: The main material is a car and a parking pass that is stuck on your car.

Quarterly Student Permit Types Price per Quarter

Winter 2013 Parking Permits Available 12/17/2012

Quarterly Everyday Permit $65

Quarterly Everyday Discount Lot Permit $50

Quarterly M/W or T/TH Permit $35

Quarterly Motorcycle Permit $35


This is the parking garage at Bellevue College. This garage can hold a decent number of cars for the students that drive to school. It allows students who transfer themselves from place to place by car to be able to bring themselves to this campus.


Along with the parking garage, Bellevue College has uncovered parking lots.


In all of the parking lots on campus there are handicapped spots available. You must have a handicapped sticker on your car to be able to park in these spots.


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